About NBS-AERho

15. 08. 28

Mission: "NBS-AERho: The National Electronic Media Association" enhances the development of college students preparing for careers in electronic media industries. NBS-AERho connects students with practicing professionals; emphasizes industry ethics, diversity, and inclusiveness; and promotes opportunities for excellence in leadership, community service, and production.

NBS-AERho encourages and rewards scholarship and accomplishment among students of broadcasting, establishes meaningful communication between student and professional broadcasters, and fosters integrity in the use of the powerful instruments of radio, television, film, cable, satellite, Internet, and its' many associated businesses and industries. NBS-AERho... a reflection of the diverse and complex industry it serves... changing, developing, expanding to keep pace with the state of media in the United States and the world.

NBS goes beyond the classroom to prepare college students and entry-level professionals for careers in the electronic media. AERho (Alpha Epsilon Rho) is the only national honor society for collegiate electronic media students and is a member of ACHS (the Association of College Honor Societies).

NBS-AERho is represented in college and university chapters across the country and includes students and faculty from all facets of electronic media, including traditional broadcasting, public relations, new and social media, art and graphic design, filmmaking, marketing, and more.